Universal LED Wireless Helmet Turn and Brake Light for Motorcycles

Specification & Instruction:

1.8 leds 2.4G wireless technology

2. Input voltage:DC12v

3. Transmitted power:0dBm

4.Transmitter black: wiring negative ground

5.Transmitter yellow: wiring positive line of the left turn signal

6.Transmitter red: wiring positive line of brake signal

7.Transmitter green: wiring positive line of the right turn signal

8.Please wire strictly according to wire colors on wiring diagram to avoid misconnecting.

9.Turn on: all light flashing twice, turn off: all the light flashing one time

10. Waterproof design suit all weather

11.Suit all kinds of motorcycle,electrombile.etc

12.Size:190 x70 x30mm,weight:100g/piece


1.The LED wireless helmet brake and turn light consists of a transmitting device and a receiving device

2.Based on 2.4G wireless transceiving technology.

3.Brake and turn signals of motorcycles are wirelessly transmitted to the receiving device by the transmitting device.

4.The wireless helmet LED brake and turn light is attached to the rear part of a helmet for improving warning effect which is quite obvious especially in foggy, rainy and snowy weather, or at night or in dark environment, thereby effectively avoiding rear-end collisions and guaranteeing the safety of drivers.

5.The wireless brake light has four super bright LED lamps, it is provided with one key switch, particularly a On-running-flashing-Off one key switch.
6.The wireless brake light is powered by two AAA batteries and you can use a screwdriver to install the battery.
7.The emitter (DC 12V) comprised a junction box.
8.Two different colors of wires led from the junction box are respectively connected with corresponding wires on a motorcycle.



LED Motorcycle Lights

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