LED Car 3D Logo Laser Door Lights for 12V/24V,Custom Logo Available!


1. Voltage: 12/24V DC

2. Life: 50,000 hours

3. Input power: 3W high power(each LED bulb)

4. Working temperature: -40 degrees~105 degrees

5. LED Bulb size: Length 60mm, Diameter 22mm
6.Super waterproof,dustproof & shockproof.


Car Use:universal installation for all cars models.

Logo available:


What is LED Car Logo Laser Lights & How does it work?

This kind of lights work depend on vehicle power 12V/24V.This lights can be displayed on the ground when car doors open.and will be off after the door close .you will find this light is so cool when you open the door!you also can show it off among your partner or friends,it will be given you more and more respect and applause.Different brand logo can be displayed on the ground when you open the car door.As the pictures you can see,you can install BMW Logo lights on your BMW car.

How to install?

1. Remove the plastic door panels with tools

2. Drill a hole in the right position you think,and make sure the led bulbs can be put in

3. Fix the led logo lights with screw tightly

4. Connect the wires,and check if the lights work normally or not.

5. Install the door panels,all done!































































LED Car Logo Lights

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